Automotive Spray Paint Simulation

Title: Automotive Spray Paint Simulation Authors: Jonathan Konieczny, John Heckman, Gary W. Meyer, Marty Manyen, Marty Rabens, and Clement Shimizu In International Symposium on Visual Computing 2008 (ISVC ’08) Abstract: A system is introduced for the simulation of spray painting. Head mounted display goggles are combined with a tracking system to allow users to paint a virtual surface with a spray gun. Ray tracing is used to simulate droplets landing on the surface of the object, allowing arbitrary shapes and spray gun patterns to be used. This system is combined with previous research on spray gun characteristics to provide a realistic simulation of the spray paint including the effects of viscosity, air pressure, and paint pressure. The simulation provides two different output modes: a non-photorealistic display that gives a visual representation of how much paint has landed on the surface, and a photorealistic simulation of how the paint would actually look on the object once it has dried. Useful feedback values such as overspray are given. Experiments were performed to validate the system.
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