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Super CubeMapper

Super CubeMapper is a simple yet advanced solution to generate and send real-time cube maps or 360 equirectangular texture maps from Unity3d based applications to other applications via texture sharing (Spout, Syphon, NDI).

Dr. Clement Shimizu and the Elumenati
(available on the Unity3D asset store)

Pirate Jam 2019 Reality TV Show Top Prize

Dr. Clement Shimizu was a contestant on Pirate Jam 2019 in Thailand. This game jam, had contestants build video games while sailing through Thailand on a fleet of yachts. Clement teamed up with Paloma Dawkins to create Award-Winning Virtual Plant game that won the top prize.

The game combined procedural life through L-Systems with hand-drawn art animations in a plant-growing simulator.

You can learn more about Pirate Jam here:

And see the season 2019 here (there are 5 episodes):

Learn about Paloma Dawkins:

Download the game here:

Hacked Atm Machine

Babycastles Bank Manhattan’s Deposits Only is a video game built out of a hacked ATM machine for Babycastles gallery. The purpose of the game is to raise money for the gallery. The ATM was hacked to only accept money via a coin and bill slot and not give money out. The high-score screen shows how much money was donated to the gallery. Since its delivery, the game has brought in thousands of dollars in donations.

Dr. Clement Shimizu – ATM Hack
Krll Honn – NodeJS based high score screen
Levi Yourchuck – Machining

The prototype was built out from an Arduino and a cardboard box, but this was later transplanted into a real ATM machine.

Interactive Projection Mapped Water Wall w/ Kinect and Unity3D

Movement drives dynamic natural imagery with a Kinect-based user interface in the Grotto, a contemplative space for patients and their families at the Children’s Pain and Palliative Clinic (Minneapolis). We collaborated with U+B Architecture and Design and the hospital staff to create the immersive environment. Visitors use the Kinect to interact with patterns that imitate the natural flow of ripples and currents in water. Clement Shimizu through Elumenati For U+B

3D Pac-Man

3D Pac-Man was a collaborative project between Dr. Clement Shimizu from The Elumenati and Keita Takahashi (The creator of Katamari Damacy) created for Babycastles video game events at the Museum of Arts and Design (Manhattan) and Telfair Museum (Savannah). Continue reading

#DrawArt for @MuseumPaige

Love for a farmer's Wife, Paige Dansinger. Original artist Kitagawa Utamaro I
Love for a farmer’s Wife, Paige Dansinger. Original artist Kitagawa Utamaro I
Paige Dansinger, Woman Putting on Face Powder, (Original by Kitagawa Utamaro)
Paige Dansinger, Woman Putting on Face Powder, (Original by Kitagawa Utamaro)
Artist: Paige Dansinger Programmer: Dr. Clement Shimizu #DrawArt is an application created to help Paige Dansinger teach art history in a new and engaging way. The artist digitally paints historical works of art using an iPad. The software records the painting and a animation that can be replayed from a blank canvas. See more at:

Cave Art Interactive

By: Clement Shimizu, The Elumenati, Patrick Bradely, and The Chicago Field Museum

This interactive exhibit invites visitors to use Wii controllers inside of a dome to explore historians’ theories on the origins of Cave Art. The Elumenati produced Cave Art in collaboration with the team at the Field and animator Pat Bradley, as part of the Mammoths and Mastodons exhibit currently touring museums around the country.

Cave Art Interactive installation won the 2011 Silver MUSE Award, an honor from the Media and Technology arm of the American Association of Museums.