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口付け – A Video Poetry

Pracilla Davanzo 口付け – A VIDEO POETRY
Pracilla Davanzo 口付け – A VIDEO POETRY
Creative collaboration with body modification and performance artist Pracilla Devanzo from Sao Paulo Brazil.

Title: 口付け – A Video Poetry
Artists: Pracilla Devanzo and Clement Shimizu
More Info: 1080p@24p Freelensed Video, 5:34
Location: Filmed in Porto, Portugal, March 2016.
Music: Tetine – Mata Hari Voodoo (Used with permission)
Exhibition: Funarte MG, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, May 30th 2016
Exhibition: Tran(S)arau – do Pulso à Virilha – 2ª Edição in Coimbra, Portugal, May 26th 2016

Valentine’s Day Photo Funbooth

The Hot Dog Lady
The Hot Dog Lady
By: Hal Schuler and Clement Shimizu These animations are a result of a collaboration between Hal Schuler (Timesquid at the Time, but now known as Hal Lovemelt of Playatta) and Clement Shimizu for a Valentine’s day party hosted by DJ Real Talk Radio. They created a photo booth that superimposes party attendants into looping animations. Participants enjoyed the animations at the party and had the option to download the results afterwards. Continue reading

A Tendercakes’ Kissmas

“Bust out the strawberry lip gloss and meet us under the mistletoe! We’ve turned boring ol’ Christmas on its ear this year with a sexy holiday party – Tendercakes style!”
By: Clement Shimizu
Director of Photography: Stephen Stephens
Featuring: Tendercakes and Beatrix Jar.   (Clip of Snails from Claude Nuridsany’s Microcosmos used without permission)
Music Selection: Tendercakes and Millions Billions

A Tendercakes’ Kissmas was a kissing centric video for a Kissing Themed Xmas Party, hosted by the fabulous sister DJ duo Tendercakes! Continue reading

MN Artists Mashup By: Clement Shimizu, Kate Iverson, and all of the artists from The MN Artists mashup project was created for, a project of the Walker Art Center, as part of the “Festival of Appropriation” exhibit at The Soap Factory curated by Jonathan Nelson and Kate Iverson and sponsored by McKnight foundation. Hundreds of thousands of art images from tens of thousands of artists were spidered from the site to create a 3D video mashup. The MN Artists mashup was shown as part of the Festival Appropriation for the duration of the exhibit at the Soap Factory, as well as at the Bakken Museum and the Walker Art Center in the Fall of 2007. Continue reading

Susannah’s Mouth

Sexy mouth eating gummy worm
Susannah’s Mouth from Dead Sexy event installation
By: Clement Shimizu and Kate Iverson
Featuring: Susannah

Description: Susannah’s Mouth was produced for an art party called Dead Sexy 2 at Kingman Studios-known for its wild and hedonistic atmosphere. This video is part of a series of party videos and art installations that focus on a single body part to the point of fetish.