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Super CubeMapper

Super CubeMapper is a simple yet advanced solution to generate and send real-time cube maps or 360 equirectangular texture maps from Unity3d based applications to other applications via texture sharing (Spout, Syphon, NDI).

Dr. Clement Shimizu and the Elumenati
(available on the Unity3D asset store)

NASA – Major Space Act Award

NASA Presents the “Major Space Act Award” to Clement Shimizu for the development of a significant scientific or technical contribution, entitled Nasa Eyes, that has been determined to be of major value in the conduct of an aeronautical or space activity of NASA!  This is a very humbling award because I was only a very small part of a big team including my crew including D’nardo Colucci, Clayton, Hilary McVicker, Michael Ford, Ken Yager, Juan, Daryl, Kathy Fortier, Tony Berger, Adam Wales, and the rest of The Elumenati and the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Kevin Hussey presenting eyes under NASA Shuttle enterprise
Kevin Hussey presenting eyes under NASA Shuttle enterprise

Elumenati World Viewer

Worldviewer  running in a small dome display
Worldviewer running in a small dome display
Created for use in Elumenati’s GeoDome immersive environments, Worldviewer is a tool that allows users to easily author interactive presentations while incorporating up-to-date multimedia content from a variety of sources. The WorldComposer content authoring platform is easy to learn and simple to use, allowing educators to produce fully interactive experiences based on their own expertise, without requiring programming skills.
World Viewer's built in Flexible Projection Mapping based on the Perspective Projection Mapping Article
World Viewer’s built in Flexible Projection Mapping based on the Perspective Projection Mapping Article
Users can build docent-guided presentations, user-driven experiences, and recorded scripts using movies, still images, and high definition video created for both standard and spherical (panoramic) media. Worldviewer simplifies the process of providing audiences with a fresh, continuously integrated interactive experience.

Worldviewer uses the Omnity “Perspective Projection Mapping” toolkit for projection mapping the earth visualization data onto any type of display surface using a wide variety of video projectors, lens, edge blending, stereoscopic, and camera calibration technologies. Omnity was devloped by Clement Shimizu and D’nardo Colucci for the Elumenati and was based on a publication titled OmniMap Perspective Projection Mapping authored by Clement Shimizu and com during graduate school.

Title: Elumenati Worldviewer
Credits: Clement Shimizu and the Elumenati (Clayton Hooker, D’nardo Colucci)

Virtual Mosque Dome Simulator for Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Virtual Mosque Dome Simulator Children's Museum of Manhattan's Muslim Cultures Exhibit
Virtual Mosque Dome Simulator Children’s Museum of Manhattan’s Muslim Cultures Exhibit

This beautiful video showcases Elumenati’s installation for the Children’s Museum of Manhattan’s America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far exhibit. It uses Elumenati WorldViewer software for a 3D exploration of mosque architecture projected inside of a Geodome display.

“When the Children’s Museum of Manhattan began work on our exhibition six years ago, it was our dream to be able transport visitors around the world. With the help of the Elumenati’s amazing GeoDome Panorama and WorldViewer, that dream became a reality.” — Andrew Ackerman / Executive Director, Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Content: Lizzy Martin and the Children’s Museum of Manhattan
Software: Clement Shimizu and Clayton Hooker for The Elumenati
Press: The Muslim Culture Exhibition on TRT Showcase

DreamWorks DreamPlace Virtual Sleigh Ride

DreamPlace is an unforgettable journey inspired by a child’s most memorable experience of meeting Santa Claus. DreamPlace will take families on a magical sleigh ride to the North Pole with the help of Shrek and his Friends. -DreamWorks Animation Website
Elumenati was enlisted to produce the Virtual Sleigh Ride that is part of the DreamWorks DreamPlace.

Panorama display:
OmniPlayer Software: Clement Shimizu for Elumenati
Ride Automation and Building Experience Design: Parker3D