Clement Shimizu
Research Scientist in Computer Science and Computer Graphics
PhD. in Computer Science
  • The Elumenati - Immersive Projection System Design
    • Research and development
  • University of Minnesota Computer Science Department & Digital Technology Center's Digital Design Consortium
    • Alumni
  • Alphasuede
    • Electronic art
Clement Shimizu is a research scientist in computer graphics and Computer Science. He has dedicated his life to serving artists, designers, and other creative people through technological innovation. He does this through his academic research in computer graphics at the University of Minnesota, his consulting work in immersive projection systems for the Elumenati, and in his personal life serving Minneapolis's vibrant arts and design community.
Past Updates:

Testing out Twitter as alternative to comment system.

3D Pac Man installations at Museum of Arts and Design in Manhattan and Telfair Museum in Savanah GA was a hit. See pictures on my Facebook.

The Surround View Flight Simulator is now up and running at Aces Flight Combat at the Mall of America! It is a joint project between Elumenati, Lockeed Martin, and Aces. The simulator was created with Elumenati Omnimap software and Elumenati Omnifocus projectors. Book a flight at or see a video on Youtube.

PhD. is finally done! See the thesis here:

The video for Color Styling Tools is now up on this page: