Computer aided design of automotive finishes

Standards for measuring metallic automotive paints
Standards for measuring metallic automotive paints

Title: Computer aided design of automotive finishes
Authors: Gary W. Meyer, Clement Shimizu, Alan Eggly, David Fischer, Jim King, and Allan Rodriguez
In 11th Congress of the International Colour Association (AIC) 2005, Newcastle Gateshead, United Kingdom

Abstract: The principles of computer aided design were applied to the creation of new automotive finishes. A computer graphic program was written that allows the user to interactively adjust the surface reflection properties of an automotive paint and visualize the appearance of that paint on a three dimensional surface. The program gives a designer intuitive controls over a second order polynomial that defines the color of the paint at a series of aspecular angles. An automotive stylist was permitted to use the program and design three new automotive paints that had never been manufactured. Formulations for the designed paints were determined by inputting the desired aspecular measurements into an automotive refinish system. The new paints were mixed and sprayed on metal panels. Comparisons between the actual and simulated finishes were judged to be adequate by those involved in the experiment.

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