Creating Metallic Color Sequences for an Architectural Wall

Architectural Exhibit at the Goldstein Museum

Title: Creating Metallic Color Sequences for an Architectural Wall
Authors: Seth Berrier, Gary Meyer, and Clement Shimizu
In International Conference of the Association for Computer-Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA ’08)

Abstract: A metallic paint scheme for an architectural wall is created using computer aided color appearance design techniques. New computer graphic hardware that allows real-time rendering of complex reflectance functions is employed to produce photo-realistic images of the metallic paint applied to the surface of the wall. An interpolation scheme is developed that permits one and two dimensional metallic shade sequences to be determined between individual bricks in a single row of the wall and between the complete rows of bricks that compose the wall. Paint formulation software, originally developed for auto refinish applications, is used to determine the paint mixtures necessary to realize the metallic colors in the design. A prototype of the wall is constructed and exhibited in a museum gallery.

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