Predicting and Fixing Geometric Color Mismatches

Illustration of a color mismatch due to geometric misalignment of a car bumper
Why do car bumpers often look like they are painted the wrong color, even if the paint is a perfect match? Small geometric misalignment (labeled angle β) can cause significant perceived color mismatches especially in metallic automotive paints.

Title: Predicting and Fixing Geometric Color Mismatches
Authors: Clement Shimizu and Gary W. Meyer
In 11th Congress of the International Colour Association, Sydney (AIC 2009)

Abstract: Color mismatches that result from geometric misalignment are studied. Differences in color can result when adjacent parts of an object are coated with the same paint but are not aligned to create a continuous geometric surface. The color difference that results due to shading can be accentuated by the use of metallic and pearlescent paints with goniochromatic properties. A metric is developed for determining when the color difference is large enough for the misalignment to become apparent. A technique is also presented for selecting a paint that matches the adjacent part and creates the illusion of geometric continuity even though the two parts are misaligned.

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