5-Player Wireless Pacman Joysticks

5 Player 3D Pacman By Dr. Clement Shimizu and Keita Takahashi

For Keita Takahashi’s Zooming Out exhibition at Telfair museum, Dr. Clement Shimizu was invited to develop a new iteration of 3D-Pacman. Keita Takahashi requested a 5 player pacman slightly tweaked rules. Because of the immersive nature of the space, the installation called for 5x wireless arcade joysticks color coded to Inky, Blinky, Pinky, Clyde, and Pacman. It was also important that the joysticks stay paired so the color codes would stay paired and consistently color coded.

I ended up building my own 2.4 GHz wireless joystick system that would keep all consistent and reliable without having to deal with bluetooth pairing which can be problematic in a museum environment. My friend Trevor McDonald helped with 3D printing the enclosures.

Wiring diagram for the joystick. Notice the NRF24L01 wireless communication daughter board.

3D Pacman Game Dr. Clement Shimizu and Keita Takahashi
Original Pacman Game By: Toru Iwatani property of Namco Bandai
Original 3D Pacman game for Babycastles
3D Printing by: Trevor McDonald
Feb 2019 Telfair Museum

3D Projection System Sponsored By Elumenati
Download the electronics wiring diagram here:
and the 3D printing model here:

Final Product. Notice how the joystick and LED buttons are color coded to the ghosts and of course pacman.