Virtual Mosque Dome Simulator for Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Virtual Mosque Dome Simulator Children's Museum of Manhattan's Muslim Cultures Exhibit
Virtual Mosque Dome Simulator Children’s Museum of Manhattan’s Muslim Cultures Exhibit

This beautiful video showcases Elumenati’s installation for the Children’s Museum of Manhattan’s America to Zanzibar: Muslim Cultures Near and Far exhibit. It uses Elumenati WorldViewer software for a 3D exploration of mosque architecture projected inside of a Geodome display.

“When the Children’s Museum of Manhattan began work on our exhibition six years ago, it was our dream to be able transport visitors around the world. With the help of the Elumenati’s amazing GeoDome Panorama and WorldViewer, that dream became a reality.” — Andrew Ackerman / Executive Director, Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Content: Lizzy Martin and the Children’s Museum of Manhattan
Software: Clement Shimizu and Clayton Hooker for The Elumenati
Press: The Muslim Culture Exhibition on TRT Showcase