Interactive Goniochromatic Color Design

BRDF Designer
A user interface for designing the BRDF of automotive paint provides control over a clamped second order polynomial that describes the color from multiple viewpoints. The reflectance of the paint is plotted in Lab space across “Aspecular” angles.
Title: Interactive Goniochromatic Color Design
Authors: Clement Shimizu, Gary W. Meyer, and Joseph P. Wingard
In Eleventh Color Imaging Conference, 2003 (CIC11)

Abstract: An interactive program has been developed to assist in the design of new goniochromatic colors. The program gives the user a unique set of controls over a second order polynomial that defines these color families at a sequence of aspecular reflection angles. One approach, based on traditional metallic colors, allows the user to adjust the average hue, saturation, and brightness of all of the colors interpolated by the polynomial. Another method, appropriate for the newer effect colors, permits the designer to establish face and flop colors to be reached at either end of the interpolation. In a final technique, variations produced by adjusting model parameters can be evaluated and selected.

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