Oracal 641 glossy vinyl
Paige Dansinger showing off at her art gallery in the heart of downtown Minneapolis’s skyway system.
A custom bench was built to celebrate the opening of Paige Dansinger’s art gallery. The bench was fabricated from lumber and covered with sheet metal. To encourage social media sharing at her events, her hashtag “#GALLERYPAIGE” conspicuously emblazoned the bench. This logo was cut from glossy black Oracle 641 vinyl in the free Alien Encounters italicized font. There were many vinyl related challenges with this project that stemmed from the goal of creating a logo that was very long and narrow (about 8×1 feet). First, the vinyl cutter did not accept punched vinyl, so the solution to ensure the vinyl moved through the machine in a perfectly straight manner was to build makeshift guide rails out of books. When adhering the application tape to the vinyl, an extra wide application tape roll allowed for more “forgiveness” in the alignment of that step. All of this preparation made transferring the vinyl to the bench painless because it was able to be done as one giant sheet instead of individual letters. You can find out more about the artist by searching for #GALLERYPAIGE on social media.